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IT Services That Work For You,
The Way You Want Them To

Does your business need to be connected and interconnected at all times? Do you need secure and powerful connections to your data 24/7 no matter where it is in the world? Are your employee's able to effectively work with the connected resources they have? With Business IT Pros - the answer is always Yes!

IT Security

With tailored Cyber Security services that start with “providing a list” of things for you to work on first, right up to fully implementing the list including comprehensive reports, realtime 24/7 monitoring and policies and procedures to reduce your risk and what to do if you suspect a problem .

Disaster Recovery

The trauma of recovering from a technological disaster can be a burden on resources and employee health alike. For many of our clients this was a major source of underlying stress which their previous IT providers could not alleviate.
Our cloud based and on-site solutions help alleviate this stress with a prompt and effective response.

Specialized Backup Services

Do you have special or unusual backup and disaster recovery requirements? That’s great!  We are happy to create a service that meets and exceeds your specifications.

Security Training
Audits & Review

Businesses nowadays are under a constant and threatening level of exposure when it comes to Cyber Security.
We can help you with tailored in-person training that meet your team at their current level of IT security awareness and helps them get to where they need to be.

Phone Systems

Our cloud-based phone systems offer the ultimate in flexibility while reducing your line rental and call charges by around 66%.

We do all types of telecommunications systems including – VOIP and PBX phone systems.

Business Software Infrastructure

Our support consulting and IT audits dive deep into the heart of your business and test the core of your infrastructure to show you in a detailed report and presentation, how you could make small to moderate changes to increase security, reliability, workflow and the profitability of your business.

Domain Names & Web Asset Management

We can help you to manage and maintain your domain names, ensuring that they are kept secure and renewed on-time.  Also we will keep you informed about new opportunities such as the .au domains that were released in 2022.

Office Setup & Relocation

This isn’t something we’re new to: we’ve helped large accounting firms move their servers out of semi-flooded buildings to new temporary locations so that their employees could continue to work. We’ve helped many businesses during the COVID-19 outbreak continue to work from remote locations without any compromises. We help 100’s of people with everyday file backup and restore solutions. We can help you!

Business IT Pros - The Team
That Really Listens to You

For upfront guaranteed and variable service pricing with a strategic approach to execution that is structured to YOUR business needs.