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Disaster Recovery

What is Disaster Recovery?

Disaster Recovery is an important part of any IT environment, it allows an organization to quickly follow a plan designed to repair and quickly continue crucial functions following an unexpected disaster. The effect of data loss or corruption from faulty hardware, user error, and malicious attacks could be immense, so a disaster recovery plan for data backups and restoration of databases is a critical requirement for any workplace that uses computers.

While it is not easy to eliminate any single point of failure in an IT environment, creating a Disaster Recovery plan allows us to plan for and greatly minimise the impact of unexpected events on our systems and allows us to be confident that interruptions to the workflow are minimised.

Disaster Recovery Planning

When we build a Disaster Recovery plan, we adhere to a rational and contemplative path, by following industry guidelines and best practices when designing a disaster recovery plan, we can help ensure high uptimes, and guard against potential losses.

Why Disaster Recovery is Important

Modelling a compelling and capable disaster recovery plan assists Organizations to curtail the devastating effects of lost income, interruptions to services, and reduced reputation, when dealing with unexpected disaster. It facilitates for a methodical and well executed recovery, providing protection and quick return of services with minimal impact. A Disaster Recovery plan is essential for quality of life and success when a business is faced with unexpected challenges.